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Adam Summerhayes 

Adam comes from a long line of north country fiddlers – Scottish east coast, Northumberland, Tyneside and the north Yorkshire coast. Adam learnt from his grandfather in epic 4 hour violin lessons that caused massive family rows, as his mother tried to “protect” him from the overwhelming flow of information. Unaware of the need to be protected, Adam lapped it up and went to music college in his turn to study with one of the 20th C’s greatest pedagogues, Yfrah Neaman. After soaking up the hows and whys of violin playing at the highest possible level, Adam realized that he had essentially learnt nothing new since his last lesson with his grandfather and reverted to type. Years of critical acclaim as a classical recording artist and virtuoso violinist suggest that this was a good course. He has also toured the world – from Alaska to Saudi Arabia – with his remarkable Gypsy Tango band ZUM and has written and recorded endless music including a track on the recent Sherlock Holmes blockbuster. He also taught Robert Downey Jnr to mime to one of his tracks and acted as his body double – but, sadly, the scene didn’t make it into the film! He is increasingly drawn back to the folk music of his childhood – finding the combination of tradition and creativity an endless pleasure.

Murray Grainger

One of the UK’s most influential accordionists, Murray has performed everywhere from Celtic Connections to The BBC Proms. He has played contemporary classical repertoire with some of the country’s leading orchestras and opera companies but his first love is traditional music.A tutor on the “Folk degree”, he teaches regularly at UK accordion events and his DVD “Accordion: Mastering the Art” is available worldwide. He has worked in bands with members of Sin-e, Uiscedwr, Flook and Adrian Edmonson’s Bad Shepherds.